When you imagined studying abroad, you might not have envisioned a crucial part of it:studying. It can be tough to focus on finals when there are so many other great things going on around you. Here are some tips to make studying a little more bearable as the weather warms up and the semester winds down.

Katy enjoyed a café con leche while studying.

1. Go to a cafe to practice for your language final. Your local coffee shop is full of tutors in disguise for that upcoming French exam (or whatever language you’re studying while abroad). Grab a seat and a coffee as you people-watch and eavesdrop (ahem, learn). Not only will you continue to learn about local culture by observing the interactions, but the unit you just had on food vocabulary will become a lot more meaningful when you can put it into practice.

2. Head over to your local library. Being surrounded by books may sound like a snooze, but libraries can be a great silent spot in the finals commotion. They can also offer studying inspiration with beautiful architecture. Check out this article on 50 beautiful libraries around the world for some motivation.

3. Study outside. As the warm weather rolls around, take advantage of parks in your neighborhood or local outdoor gathering spots. The fresh air will give you new energy to tackle on that subject you’ve been saving for last.

Take time to do the touristy stuff, too!

4. See the sights. As you’re studying for finals and finishing up your time abroad, make sure you fit in the tourist-type activities that you haven’t gotten around to doing yet. Make a bucket list for the last few weeks of your semester and tie in studying when you can. Bringing flashcards around with you can always come in handy — whether you’re waiting in line at a museum or for a table at a restaurant, it’s a great way to fit those last few things in and not feel guilty about skipping the studying.

5. Reward yourself. When you’re studying for your finals, remember not to push yourself too hard. Finished a chapter of the book you’ve been struggling through? It’s time for a gelato! Taking breaks will make you feel better about all the work you’ve put in and be a great way to celebrate the end of the semester.

Source : isepstudyabroad.wordpress.com


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