The Benefits of Studying at Australian Universities

study in australia

Whilst most of us take these things as granted, there is a whole world of students out there wondering what it’s like to study within Australia – After all, we have an international reputation as one of the top producers of both academic and dynamic talent. So what’s all the fuss on education in Australia all about? What makes studying in Australia different from other western nations?
Here are the Student2Student Community’s Top 5 reasons to study at an Australian university:

1. Absorbing Australian Culture

Australia as a nation has a culture which fosters creativity, innovation and practicality. A lot of international students find that our classrooms are filled with a lot more discussion compared to textbook learning, both at the individual and group level. What this means is that Australian classrooms are engaging, active and lively and allow students to not only absorb information, but really learn how to interact with it at a deeper level. In practice, this means that Australian students are better equipped to go out into the workforce and really apply what they have learnt under a variety of environmental constraints.

2. Transfer of Training

Whilst many international universities focus on teaching surface or textbook knowledge, the Australian educational system follows an instructional system design. This means that we value education as ‘training’ and really strive to design courses which will allow students to apply theoretical concepts to the real world. A testament to this process- many international students will find that a wide range of our university courses requires students to participate in industry placements, so as a transfer of training can be achieved. These placements will allow students to work next to other live practitioners and help develop their practical skills next to what they learn in the classroom.

3. University Scholarships and Financial Support

As a growing nation, Australia values the talent that international students can bring to its shores. Accordingly, the Australian government provides a whole variety of scholarships and financial aid to student travellers, from supported student visas to financial protection. Even better than this, Australia hosts one of the largest student support industries full of organisations such as XXXX, that assist travelling students to transition into the educational and work system down under.

4. Travel and Lifestyle

It goes without saying that Australia usually makes the top 5 list of any serious traveller. With the pristine beaches of the Gold Coast to the beautiful Sydney skyline, Australia hosts some of the most popular tourist destinations across the world. The Australian university system allows for long, 6-8 week semester breaks allowing many of our international students to explore our country in great depth. We have very established and flexible air and land travel options which can cater for any budget.

5. Graduate Qualifications

Not only does Australia provide a relaxed and engaging university lifestyle, our degrees are amongst some of the world’s most recognised. Certainly, a degree from an Australian university holds a lot more value than those from our developing counterparts. In 2012, 7 out of our 19 universities ranked in the top 200 higher education providers in the world- according to the Shanghai World Rankings ( We hold our student competencies to an international standard- meaning that our graduates are offered some of the world’s most prestigious and valued positions.

We hope this snapshot provides prospective students with some valuable information to assist their decision making in regards to education in Australia. As always, we welcome any questions and opinions and would love to hear what you all have to say! For students thinking about travelling, please contact your student exchange program directors for more information.



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