How to Study Abroad as a Student-Athlete

ISA Study Abroad Student Blog

Kelley Wollak is currently a student at University of Nebraska Omaha and an ISA Featured Blogger. She is currently studying abroad with ISA in Malaga, Spain.

Being a collegiate student-athlete is a huge dedication of time and effort to not only your sport but your education.  Both being a student-athlete and a student abroad can have enormous benefits to career building and personal growth.  As an athlete, it is daunting to think of leaving to study abroad and miss training, practice and time with your team.  However, I believe you can get the best of both worlds and I have.

student-athlete-study-abroad This is the gorgeous view from the Alcazaba in Málaga! ISA took us on an excursion up the mountain to see the sights and learn about the history of southern Spain.

 Here are my tips for being a student-athlete abroad:

  1. Pick a Program That is Right…

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